Our goal is to make you look like a rock-star! Your success is our success. Here are just a few ways we have helped our clients.

Demand Generation

Managing a true demand generation program is a very complex process, and we’ve got you covered. From content marketing to lead acquisition to nurturing and identifying sales qualified leads (SQL) we’ve done it, and learned a lot of lessons along the way. We will bring our expertise to create a demand generation program that will help you educate and nurture top of funnel leads, discover mid-funnel leads and find ways to increase sales to existing customers.

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Here are few ways we have helped our clients with Demand Generation:

 birst Increased overall lead volume by 59% with a 23% increase in lead to opportunity conversion and 43% increase in the lead to opportunity acceptance rate.
 logo-sugarcrm-640x235-resized-600 Developed lead generation plan that delivered 100% of sales leads, resulting in 92% YOY billings growth in 2011 and 73% 1H billings growth in 2012.
 log Increased the quality of the leads by 2x (conversion ratio from 4% to 8% – lead to deal at 2.5%)Decreased the cost per qualified opportunity from $5,600 in Q2 2008 to $1,350 in Q3 2009Increased number of opportunities Y-o-Y from 149 in Q1 2008 to 365 in Q3 2009 (with a flat budget.

Strategy & Planning

Creating a marketing strategy and plan is the key to successful marketing. It ensures that you look to plan instead of having knee jerk reactions. We help bridge the gap by aligning business goals and objectives through a common language and metrics driven system to achieve maximum revenue goals. We will work with your team to establish goals, KPIs and create a strategic marketing plan.

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Content Marketing

Content is King. We help our clients develop a strategic plan that maps to their prospects buying cycles to ensure the right message is being received at the right time. We’ve done it all including white papers, brochures, web content, case studies, social media, emails, nurture programs, sales tools and webcast content. We create packages of content so you can hit your prospects from all angles.

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ROI Measurement

By starting with the basics and using a few core metrics, we can help you show the true impact of your marketing spend on database growth, lead quality, and ultimately sales. We have helped our clients identify key metrics and provide you with the tools to show marketing’s impact on your organization.

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Event Management

Manage all aspects of your events, trainings or user conferences including venue selection, overall event management, ordering of giveaways, registration, management of speakers, coming up with creative sponsorship opportunities and finding a fun place to have party. Soup-to-nuts, we’ve got you covered.

Here are few ways we have helped our clients with Event Management:

 birst Birst saw 158% increase in overall attendance and a 133% increase in sponsorship sales over prior year.
 logo-sugarcrm-640x235-resized-600 Planned and implemented annual user conference resulting in 37% growth in attendance and 39% growth in customer attendance.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.44.53 PMWatch the video to see the highlights of the Birst FORWARD 2013 User Conference.

Channel Marketing

Whether you are building a channel marketing program from the ground up or need help making your existing program more sticky – we are here to help. We can provide an audit of your current program and help you discover ways to improve it and create a custom channel program to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure your partners become productive and better marketers ultimately bringing more money into your pipeline.

Here are just a few of the tools we developed to help our clients:

Building a Partner Portal

Create an easy to use one-stop-shop that provides your partners with the resources they need to successfully sell.

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Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Create a program where partners receive a percentage of revenue to use on marketing programs focused on generating new business.

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Creating Programs in a Box

Create easy to execute programs that include everything your partners need to execute them.

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Marketing Plans

Help your partners understand marketing with simple, easy-to-use marketing plans that can teach them how do marketing along the way.

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Vendor Catalogs

Create a catalog of packaged marketing services for your partners to work with to take their marketing to the next level.

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Here are few ways we have helped our clients with Channel Marketing:

 atlassianimages Created a unique self-service MDF program for the Atlassian Expert Partners.


 logo-sugarcrm-640x235-resized-600 Built a robust channel marketing program from the ground up that resulted in a 1942% increase in partner generated leads and 34% increase in partner created opportunities in the first 6 months of 2013.
 birst Built full life cycle marketing plans and programs; including development, execution, tracking and administration of
such plans and programs.
 log Created an award winning channel marketing program tailored to teach partners how to position and sell SugarCRM including vertical marketing plans, detailed integrated marketing plans and customizable programs in a box.