PipelineDemand helps businesses optimize online and offline customer engagement. We’re a full service shop—and comfortable developing, executing, managing and evaluating the results of any marketing program. PipelineDemand’s services cover all the marketing bases. And we’re just as adept at integrating with your in-house team as we are at operating a turn-key program on your behalf that adds virtually no administrative burden for you.

Branding, Messaging & Positioning

Branding Does your brand have a personality? What is it? From packaging and identity (stationery, business cards, logos) to marketing collateral, advertising, tweets and event sponsorships, every impression you generate for your brand is an opportunity—exploited or missed.

Messaging—how you talk about your products or services—should serve two purposes. It must capture where you currently fit in the market (positioning) and provide a path to where you want to go (strategic goals).

Strategic Marketing & Planning

Stratgy The foundation of successful marketing is a strategic plan that maps to your business and revenue goals. Strategic plans should extend a least one quarter past the end of your fiscal year—two quarters are preferable. Grappling with end-of-year revenue and expense activities is not conducive to strategic planning. Strategic plans should be reviewed every quarter and refined twice a year.

Customer Acquisition & Demand Generation

World-pic Consumers and B2B purchase decision makers are getting smarter and harder to predict. Loyalty is hard won and easily lost. Customer acquisition strategy helps you allocate resources to the right customer segments and onramps for your business. This makes demand generation programs more effective. We want to fill your sales pipeline with leads—but the right leads.

Inbound Marketing

We look at inbound marketing as a combination of three disciplines:

Lead Nurturing

Nurture All leads are not created equal. Some are merely interested; others are sales ready. And some are in between. Lead nurturing is the art and science of communicating with leads in a way that matches where they are in the buying cycle. We bundle segmentation analysis and lead scoring with drip and periodic campaigns in a single offering that nurtures leads from where they are to where you want them to be—closed sales.

Channel Marketing

Channel Channel marketing is great when it works. And a nightmare when it doesn’t. We can help you build an integrated channel marketing program that creates loyal partners and value added resellers who generate significant revenue—instead of headaches.

Event Marketing & User Conferences

Personas From road shows to user conferences, we’ve done it all. We can lighten your load while ensuring that your event is executed flawlessly and delivers the right message to attendees.

ROI Measurement

ROI Every marketing effort needs to be measured. We help you identify appropriate metrics and develop the means to track them.

Customer Reference Programs

Create-Content It’s hard to overstate the value of customer references. A good customer reference program pays impressive dividends over the long term. Customer case studies and testimonials are high-value currency with prospects, analysts, and the press.

Building a customer reference program takes time and a soft touch, but it’s well worth the investment. We’ll show you customer reference “dos” and “don’ts” and how to establish a program that not only leverages customer loyalty but deepens it.